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Dramatists Guild

We implemented data-driven strategies to help the Dramatists Guild of America better serve their membership and connect with new members.



We were challenged to reposition the Dramatists Guild of America (DG) to remain relevant in the theatre industry, expand their customer outreach and better serve their existing membership base.

Being a well-established guild with a long and rich history, the Dramatists Guild of America faced barriers to change, innovation and modernization. Alignkraft was challenged to do a full brand diagnostic assessment and develop strategies for alignment and growth. Ultimately, DG brought on Alignkraft to help DG create true value for its membership base, the theatre community and arts education as a whole. 




To begin the AKDx™ process we conducted an online survey of the DG's employees, current members and industry leads who were not yet members to form a clear picture of both internal and external perceptions of the brand. 

Combining the quantitative data of the multiple choice questions with the qualitative insight gleaned from the open-ended questions, we performed a gap analysis to pinpoint where the executive team, clients and employees diverged on perceptions about the DG brand. Data revealed nuances in client satisfaction, pricing, website usage, perceived benefits and misconceptions about the DG Brand.   

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Analyzing these surveys, we were able to identity three distinct member profiles and associated demographics, needs and backgrounds of each subsection.

We later implemented strategies specific to each type of member that addressed each of their pain points and to improve the perceived value of joining the guild.

Market Research Analysis

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With an in-depth analysis of competitors' brand, website and social media presence, we found a gap between the strength of the actual DG member benefits and the strength of the brand in the eyes of the industry. 

Ultimately, DG was not utilizing its brand assets to communicate with its members and the rest of the industry. Misconceptions and missing information made DG underperform compared to competitors.

With extensive research as a baseline, it became clear how to position DG moving forward as advocate, educator and community for all Dramatists worldwide.



With the strategic insights gained from the extensive research into DG's membership and potentials, Alignkraft is repositioning the guild with targeted messaging, marketing and communication design rooted in real data. Using specific feedback garnered from the surveys we are able to implement new services that are burning needs for members while discarding the aspects they find inconsequential, better allocating DG's resources.

By listening to members' burning pains, we are able to refine the focus of the DG mission and streamline its scope with the data clearly showing that advocacy is the number one priority among the community. The keywords generated from the non--member surveys which reveal misconceptions about the brand's services, values and goals are critical in the outreach strategy we are developing to help the guild expand its membership base.  

With design and production spearheaded by Alignkraft's sister company, SCG Creative, we are currently developing new messaging, corporate identity system, tagline, website and microsite to help the Dramatists Guild of America better engage its members with the ultimate goal of increasing both member retention and recruitment.  

Do you find it impossible to understand or serve the needs of your clients? Like we did for the Dramatists Guild, Alignkraft can help your company improve its bottom line by intelligently attracting, informing and engaging your target audience. Take the first step today > 


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