Sharp positioning starts with instinct.


Sharp positioning starts with instinct.

So What's with all the Animals? - HOW WE THINK ABOUT BRANDS

We would like to think our decisions, especially the important ones are all made based on logic and reason, but the truth is they simply are not. People respond to brands in a primal way.

While there is a place for logic, right-brain thinking in the decision making process, we understand that as humans, we simply can not override our primal instincts that have been hardwired into us from inception

What Alignkraft does best is combine deep industry research with metrics-driven creative. This approach aligns the right and left-brain decision making centers and makes for irresistible brands that perform. This is something very few agencies know how to do, let alone do well. Before we build it we take steps to ensure it's going to work. We have the experience to handle mass marketing campaigns across all media platforms, including web, tv, radio, social media, print, collateral and outdoor.

Our Values

Strategic wisdom is what makes us different. We are veteran, strategic thinkers with practical know-how whose point strategy involves definitive and measurable actions that drive very specific results. 

We value creativity but with the understanding that it always must be informed by rational analysis and undisputed fact.

Learn more below about how our values of communication, confidence and creativity shape our approach.



Our strength is in communicating complex ideas in an easy to understand way. We believe adherence to these principles delivers higher value to our clients, partners, and team.



We have the confidence to say and do the difficult and unpopular. Having the resolve to stand firm with our beliefs, the humility to admit and learn from our mistakes, the strength of will to move beyond what is considered to be safe. With out risk there can be no reward.



Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are unified in our creative spirit. Creativity is an essential ingredient in solving tomorrows challenges. In order to stay ahead of the competition we need to shake up the way we think.


Your brand is your reputation. It's the promise that you make and the promise you must keep. It's the expectation people have about you before they do business with you, and the experiences they have when they do, that form your reputation, your brand perception. It is not what you say about yourself, but the stories that others tell about you. 

It starts with an in-depth understanding of your problem. Share with us your biggest challenges and we use our proprietary AKDx Discovery Tool™ to diagnose, then synthesize, and prescribe successful course of action. Our solutions put companies, large and small on the right path towards a healthy competitive advantage and profitability and growth. 

We believe your brand is a manifestation of your reputation and it should be in service of helping you achieve your strategic and financial goals. 

Here are a few of the problems that continually frustrate organizations and form the foundation of what we do best. 

+ Grow Client Base
+ Attract high-quality employees
+ Modernize Business Practices
+ Develop Exit Strategies

+ Capture Market Share
+ Increase Revenue
+ Improve Client Service
+ Improve Reputation


+ Expand Offerings/Products
+ Grow Geographically
+ Attract M&A
+ Secure Funding


Go beyond.

Go beyond.