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We were challenged to position JDR Consulting for a breakthrough in marketshare and expand into other industries while faced with a tight delivery deadline.

JDR Consulting, a founder-driven real estate consulting firm, was looking to emerge as the industry leader within their competitive landscape and then use this position as a launching point to expand past the real estate industry and into other segments. The executive team came to us facing the problem that external perceptions of the JDR brand were weak and did not match the internal strength of the company's quality client service, network of trusted experts and unique approach to consulting. Looking to compete with large consulting firms, JDR engaged Alignkraft for a full AKDx™ process to elevate their brand strategy.




To begin the AKDx™ process we conducted an comprehensive online survey of the JDR's clients, employees, and executive team to form a clear picture of both internal and external perceptions of the brand. 

The surveys were supplemented with hour-long interviews with key team members. Combining the quantitative data of the survey results with the qualitative insight gleaned from the interviews, we performed a gap analysis to analyze where the executive team, clients and employees diverged on perceptions about the JDR brand.    


Looking at the quantitative results, the majority of clients survey pointed to industry reputation and recommendations from others as the key deciding factors to work with JDR, showing the consulting firm in fact had a strong in consumers' minds. Cost and customization were less of a driving force, showing JDR had flexibility in pricing with clients, given their reputation.   

Furthermore, qualitative survey analysis revealed clients recognized JDR's process as a value-add. Respondents used phrases such as "full-service, flexible and supportive" and "adaptive to unexpected challenges" to describe working with JDR.



Looking first at the real estate consulting market, we expanded our research to include the climate of real estate as a whole as well as the state of the market for consulting in other industries that JDR was looking to eventually expand into. We also conducted in-depth research of JDR's closest competitors as well as larger consulting firms they viewed as models for future growth. 


Conducting a thorough assessment of JDR's existing brand collateral, marketing materials and digital presence, we pinpointed strengths and areas with room for improvement. While JDR's brand was not fully developed it turns out that many of their closest competitors on the real estate consulting industry were similarly positioned with little to no branding or marketing initiatives. Only large consulting firms showed strong branding.

This market situation made it clear there was an immediate opportunity for strong branding initiatives to position JDR as the clear leader amongst all small to mid-sized real estate consulting firms and win marketshare.

With this extensive research as a baseline, Alignkraft developed unique selling points and value propositions which became the foundation of the strategy to elevate JDR moving forward.



Delivering early despite an aggressive timeline,  Alignkraft launched the new JDR logo, tagline, website and corresponding trade show collateral within months of engagement. 

With design and production spearheaded by Alignkraft's sister company, SCG Creative, we developed a new logo, corporate identity, positioning statements, website, stationary identity system, tradeshow display, media kit and brochure. 




With Alignkraft quickly yet strategically crafting the JDR brand through targeted messaging, marketing and positioning, the real estate consulting firm unveiled their new brand at a high traffic Yardi Tradeshow event and was immediately approached by interested potential clients and impressed competitors. 

Just recently launching in early October of 2015, improvements in the JDR website analytics were seen even in the first month post-launch. When comparing statistics from the month before the new website was launched with the month after, the percentage increase of sessions increased by 13%, the number of pages viewed rose by 3 and the bounce rate decreased by 5%. The previous JDR website was not mobile-friendly and after the elegant responsive design of the new website was implemented, mobile views significantly.


Comparing the month after launch to the month before, the new JDR site saw a 52% percent increase of sessions being viewed on a mobile. 

Leveraging the competitive advantages gained from the new elevated brand, JDR is currently making moves into new industries, going after larger clients and accelerating their hiring rate.

Does you feel like your company is stuck in the past and having a difficult time modernizing? Like with JDR, Alignkraft can help you achieve your strategic and financial goals. Take the first step today > 



Ready to take flight?

Ready to take flight?