Richardson Brands


Richardson Brands

Alignkraft brought modernity and innovation to Richardson Brands while still embracing their time-honored core values that customers had always responded to. 



We were tasked with building a strategy to revitalize a traditional brand with a long history and aging consumer base. Ultimately, we needed to realign Richardson Brands as a progressive company with timeless products that would be just as relevant today as they were over 100 years ago. 

Richardson Brands came to Alignkraft as the company was getting ready to introduce new products as well as expand its existing lines. With roots dating back to 1890, Richardson products such as GravyMaster™ and Beechies Gum have long been associated with traditional, wholesome American meals. This rich history however was being lostto newer generations who have might have some memories of seeing these items in their grandmother's cupboard but have not tasted these themselves. We proceeded to build a strategy that leveraged this authentic and wholesome Americana reputation and brought it into the 21st century.




To begin the AKDx™ process we conducted an online survey of Richardson's clients, employees and executive team to form a clear picture of internal and external perceptions of the brand. 

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Ensuring a comprehensive set of data each survey included both close-ended and open-ended questions. Combining quantitative and qualitative results, we performed a gap analysis to analyze where the executive team, clients and employees diverged on perceptions about the Richardson brand.  

Looking at the survey analysis, it turned out that across the board client satisfaction was higher than the Richardson employees had estimated. 

As we drilled down the data to discover the nuances, we saw that clients found relationships with their sales representatives to be most important sales factor and that the rich American heritage of the brand was a large part of the company's appeal. However customers sited the existing website/marketing materials were ineffective in capturing their sales and that they wished to be communicated with more. 



We next analyzed Richardson Brands' competitors across several different criteria, including communication strategies, service offerings, social media campaigns and website user experience.

We compared each company’s competitive advantages/disadvantages and ranked them in relation to Richardson Brands' performance in these same areas. Using this data, we established the value propositions and unique selling points that distinguished each Richardson vis-a-vis its competitors.

Analysis showed the Richardson website did not attract, inform or engage users and was in fact the worst performing amongst competitors.

With these points as a baseline, the strategy to leverage Richardson's competitive advantages moving forward to ultimately improve ROI, increase marketshare and retain existing clients became quite clear.



Richardson Brands partnered with Alignkraft for a full discovery, messaging and marketing campaign. With design and production spearheaded by Alignkraft's sister company, SCG Creative, we are now developing a new visual identity system, website, email marketing campaign, radio advertisement and social media initiatives.

Are you interested in seeing more results of our campaign with Richardson as the data becomes available? 

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